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Memorial Services

Memorial Sketches produces a vast array of print and video products. Below are some of our more common products, though several clients have their own customized print products such as memorial card inserts and specialty prints. If you don't see a specific product listed, give us a call.

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Funeral Service Webcasting

Face it. Webcasting funeral services is going to be in high demand in the near future. And why not? Webcasting offers a brilliant way to deliver services to friends, family and acquaintances across the globe. It's much appreciated by those who can't, for whatever reason, attend a service in person. Perhaps one who is overseas in the military, or simply unable to afford the time or cost of travel.

Build Custom Webcast Pages Easily

Custom Memorial Web Page

Our service allows clients to build custom memorial webpages on the fly, for each and every service, making it very easy for visitiors to connect to the event. The pages are custom formatted automatically to fit your funeral home's appeal.

If you already manage your own memorial page, you may contact us via phone or email letting us know of an upcoming webcast. We will pull the appropriate information from your website and build the webcast page for you. Talk about effortless! And again, at no additional fee.

As a bonus for being a member, you may also use our online memorial service page creator without streaming a webcast at all. This is a great benefit to funeral homes that currently do not have websites or services dynamic enough to manage personal memorial pages. And again, it doesn't cost a penny! You are only charged for live webcast events.

Point & Click Webcast Service

Things don't have to be difficult and our process definitely isn't. Stand your camera on a tripod, hook the camera into a laptop and start recording. Your data will upload live through one simple program that is always set to go. There are no fussy calendar management tools or technical protocols to overcome.

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Online Memorial Video Production

Custom DVD Case and Label

We produce hundreds of memorial DVDs every year. Each one comes with its own custom case and label, as well as your logo and contact information. Our simple online production service makes creating a memorial video a sinch. Simply scan the photos (or ask the family) and upload the folder of photos in one "drag and drop" motion. Our process explained:

  1. Upload the photos
  2. We create the video project, cover and label
  3. The video is ready to play at your service the following day
  4. We will mail out final products based on the number ordered

Personalized, dignified and beautiful memorial tributes are finished within 12 to 24 hours of placing your order. Each memorial video production includes customized opening and closing messages (verses, poems, or personal messages), graphical DVD case covers and labels ( with name, dates, multiple photos, obit and survivor list).

All pictures go through a demanding "photo finishing" process, getting cleaned up, repaired, color-restored and canvassed, ensuring great looking pictures and no shaky movement in the video.

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Large Format Print

Large Format Prints

For the family that desires a lasting piece to honor their loved one, and perfect for closed-casket funerals, our specialty print service fits the bill. We take your photo through our finishing process, print it to your size and ship it overnight, if needed (at cost).

Art canvas and photo prints are usually printed to 18x24 or 24x36, but can easily be resized to suit your needs. Incredibly low rates, especially given the blazing-fast turnaround time. Most print houses take days or even weeks to deliver these kinds of orders; we can do it overnight.

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Mounted Life Story Poster

Mounted Life Story Posters

These large posters (16" x 20") are eye-catching and a beautiful way for visitors to learn about the life of the departed. Strategically placed, these posters can help route the traffic flow during services. They are printed in full-color, on high quality photo paper and mounted on foam board for display. Choose from our many designs or request a theme of your own. We customize themes at no additional fee.

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Customized Memorial Cards & Thank You Notes

Customized Memorial Card

Some of our printed keepsakes are built and priced for you to print in-house; however, we can always print and ship them to you, at cost. For as little as $15, you can have customized memorial cards built from scratch. Stand out from the competition, go the extra mile for the family.

These cards include two photos, obit, survivor list and funeral service information. Families may personalize further with a short verse, poem or message and/or note of accomplishments/groups (military awards, community service, etc. - can be done with text and/or art). Simply upload the two photos and the obituary to us and within hours, you will have the finished file available to print in-house, just like you already do. Classical, antique style memory cards provide a unique touch to any service.

Designed in the classical style of our memory cards, our thank-you notes feature a personalized front and left inside flap (photo and obit). The inside right will have a printed thank-you message. Choose from our standards or submit your own. Typically, this item is printed by us and shipped to you or directly to the family within three days following the funeral service.

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Laminated Bookmark

Laminated Bookmarks

These full-color bookmarks are wonderful for family members and close friends or as an added personal touch to any service. Choose from our many designs or request a theme of your own.

The front panel will feature name, dates, photo and obit. The back panel can feature the family's choice of survivor list, funeral service information, message/verse and photo. (more than one item can be used, if there is room)

These items are printed by us and shipped to your funeral home overnight, unless otherwise specified.

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Life Story Folder

Life Story Folders

For those that want something more than a traditional memory card, these full-color, tri-fold brochures have it all. They've become a regular request for services of veterans and active, civic-minded individuals.

The front panel features name, date, funeral service information, message, verse or poem and up to four photos. The inside panel features the life story or official obituary and up to five more photos.

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Your funeral home's logo will appear on every product, except for enlarged photo and canvas prints. All materials we produce will be shipped overnight unless otherwise instructed (for instance, orders submitted in advance). Shipping charges are added to your monthly bill at cost only.

Contact us anytime to set up your service. Set up is too easy to pass up!