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How complicated is it to set up a website?

September 13
A lot of funeral home owners think getting a website will involve a lot of cost and headache. We certainly remove the cost issue and we want everyone to know that getting you up and running is very little trouble.

We build web proofs quickly and easily. Our standard protocol is setting you up with a home page, obituary listing page, contact page, list of services page and a resources page. The resources page will list your local florists and churches, along with a host of other pertinent information for your visitors. And again, we do the research for you. You simply get your proof and tweak as you go.

For most clients, from start to finish, less than an hour of their time is absorbed from proof to finish, but we won't stop until we make them happy.

Be critical of your funeral home website proof. Provide your input so we can best meet your satisfaction. The best way to discover how easy it is, is to simply ask us to build a funeral home website for you. It's always our pleasure!

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