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Why Our Rates Are The Best

September 7
Hi, Matt here. I get this question a lot: "Why are your rates so low?" Some businesses are skeptical that we can offer an incredible product and service at such an affordable rate. It's pretty simple really. We're a small business. The people running this business aren't just the owners; we're also the salesmen, the program coders, the customer service department (we even make our own coffee!).

Not only are we more affordable, you don't have to wait weeks to get customer service. We are intimately knowledgeable with every aspect of our service - that allows us to serve you better.

Most salesmen are great at sales, but they're often far more concerned with making the next sale than solving your problems or making sure your website is finished. We've heard many horror stories of websites out in limbo because a client can't get any service. You won't have that issue with us. It's one of the main reasons we don't do contracts. We don't need them!

We discovered long ago that contracts aren't necessary with this particular service. We keep our members happy, improve their web presence, improve their sales, and they won't go anywhere else.

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