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Better Search Engine Indexing

February 2
Dollar for dollar, no funeral home website competitor comes close to offering the features we provide, from custom designs to beautiful memorial pages to webcasting, tribute videos and so much more.

One of our challenges has been that by allowing such a vast array of features at such an affordable cost, indexing information with search engines simply takes longer. But no more. In a couple of weeks, we will finally be overcoming this obstacle by unrolling a new method in which our sites communicate directly with search engines.

Most other providers charge three to *ten* times more per month for hosting a funeral home website with the kind of features we provide. At best, they have beaten us on search engine indexing. We are going out of way to overcome this obstacle and look forward to servicing you even better. We won't stop until we are confident we provide the best service in every category, at the most affordable rate!

eddie edwards - August 12

harper-talastk funeral home temple texas

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